Here is a little bit about me...

All my life I’ve been a late bloomer; in everything. So film still photography couldn’t be an exception.

I graduated with an MFA in Filmmaking in 2011 after realizing —late, as one should— that working in the pharmaceutical industry was not for me. Because of my acquired skills in the marketing department of a big pharma company, I landed naturally on the production side of the film industry: Producer, Assistant Director (first and second), Production Secretary, … But in this side of the film-making process I wasn’t developing my creativity as I was expecting, so I switched my focus into something else.

As a filmmaker I wanted to develop my own projects, but getting a movie off the ground, as you know, is a pilgrimage through many stages, most of which imply waiting. In those times of wait, together with some friends, I started a publishing house that focuses in cinema and the literature that surrounds the film-making process.

What initially was just a film buff publishing film books, developed into a discovery of a very creative field in the making of a movie: film stills. As I was selecting images to illustrate the wonderful texts about John Ford written by Peter Bogdanovich, I was falling in love with the images captured by photographers like Denis Cameron and John R.Hamilton.

Submerging myself into the process of researching images for subsequent books, I realized that I could see myself developing that craft. I had always enjoyed taking pictures and bothered everyone in the process: In every family or friends gathering (or trip) I would always show up with my camera to try to capture those precious memories that live forever. (If you have a camera, you know that you always get an eye roll when people see that you will be taking pictures but they always end up begging for a copy).

So why not doing this in a film set? It seemed natural to me to follow that path. Did I know everything there was to know for me to be able to jump into a film set? 

Back in the days, people would ask God for answers but nowadays answers are —almost always— on the internet. And my answers came in the name of Nicola Dove, not only an amazing still photographer (check out her work and be blown away) but also a natural born teacher of the craft. So after completing the Fast-track course of her Film Stills Academy, I found myself ready to jump into a film set to capture those special moments that define a movie.

My gear

Camera: Sony a7iii


  • Sony FE 24-70 mm F2.8 GM
  • Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD
  • Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD 
  • Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VXD 


Master in Fine Arts: Filmmaking (New York Film Academy, 2011)

Film Still Academy: Fast-track course (2020)

Here is a link to my IMDb

And here is a little bit more...

My work as a filmmaker:

In my film school years, I had the pleasure of directing two little short films that gave me great joy and  tons of fun memories. 


Short Film (2011, 18 mins)

Two elderly ladies that live in a nursing home are the only ones alive from their group of friends. The group had an agreement in which if any of them had gotten ill, the other ones would kill her to avoid her suffering. Now that only two of them are left, one friend decides to back out of the pact but the other one wants to continue with it and she will do everything that's in her hand to kill the other



  • Best Student Film, Jury (Aug. 2012) at the 13th Sacramento Film & Music Festival
  • Honorable Mention (May, 2012) at the Los Angeles Movie Awards
  • Award of Merit at the 2012 Lucerne International Film Festival

Official Selection:

  • The 16th Hollywood Film Festival (Los Angeles, US) (Oct. 2012)
  • The 16th L.A. Shorts Fest (Los Angeles, US) (Aug. 2012)
  • The 8th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival (Los Angeles, US) (Aug. 2012)
  • The 19th Independents’ Film Festival (Florida, US) (Sep 2012)
  • The 7th European independent Film Festival (Paris, France) (Mar. 2012)
  • The 6th Annual Manhattan Film Festival (New York, US) (Jun. 2012)
  • The 5th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (Aug. 2012)
  • The 1st Tyrolean Independent Film Festival (Innsbruck, Austria) (Oct. 2012)


Short Film (2010, 11 mins)

After the death of his son and with his marriage coming to the end, Dexter finds himself in a position where he has to decide whether he does what he can to try to save his marriage or if he breaks away from everything and starts a new life.



  • 1st Place Student Film at the Los Angeles City Cinema Festival (Sep. 2011)
  • Award of Merit at the Best Shorts Competition (Mar. 2011)

Official Selection:

  • The 15th L.A. Shorts Fest (Los Angeles, US) (Jul. 2011)
  • The 18th Independents’ Film Festival (Florida, US) (Sep 2011)
  • The 4th Annual Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (Aug. 2012)
  • The Trimedia Film Festival (Sep. 2011)
  • The Jaipur International Film Festival (India) (Jan. 2012)
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